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Rare Draculaura lot for sale on eBay!

 I have some bills to pay so I am selling two of my draculaura dolls one of them is the first wave one and the other is ghouls rule draculaura they come with everything except for the stands and they were never played with just displayed.


I also have a bunch of other anime and monster high stuff for sale

FS inquiry- Play Sets and older dolls

If there any interest in MH furniture or older dolls? I am going through my collection and I have a ton of dolls and play sets.

Play sets include

Frankies Bed
Lagoona's Water Chamber
13 Wishes DJ Booth
Clawdeen's Bedroom (bunk beds)
Cleo's Vanity
13 Wishes Oasis
1st create a monster design studio

*Might not come with all pieces and several accessories as I still have boxes of stuff to go through and I keep finding stuff.

FS: Sig Holt and Jackson

Would anyone be interested in Signature Holt and Jackson? Holt comes with his complete outfit including ring, but no bag or headphones. Jackson has his complete outfit but no bag. Both have their versions of Crossfade. Neither has diary or stand.

If you're interested, just shoot me a message and I can take some pics and we can figure out pricing.

FS: SDCC Frankie and Robecca

I just got my SDCC stuff in today and I'm parting with two items.
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FS Monster High dolls - most are 10 USD

I'm doing a serious clean-out of my Monster High dolls. All dolls are in used but good condition, tho some dolls might need a good hair brushing. What you see, is what you get.

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I accept Paypal only.

My location is Belgium, Europe. I'll ship by registered airmail. I would prefer if people buy several dolls. That way, shipping will be cheaper.

I'll try to ship out the dolls asap but please be patient as it's not easy for me to get to the post office due to work and my baby.

FS: Loose Attractionistas Gracey

I would like to sell my Attractionistas Gracey doll. For those not familiar with Attractionistas, they are Disney Parks exclusive fashion dolls inspired by various attractions/rides in the parks. Gracey is inspired by the Haunted Mansion. What I love about her is that she incorporates the wallpaper print from the Haunted Mansion on her leggings and the underside of her skirt. The only reason I'm selling her is that I ended up with two.

Gracey is out of the package, but otherwise brand new. I only undressed her and re-dressed her. Non-smoking/non-pet home. I'm asking $15 plus shipping. I accept Paypal.

She is bigger than a Monster High doll, but some of her clothing pieces (her leggings and her hat) work pretty well on them, and her pet bat makes a cute addition to any ghoul's menagerie (see pictures behind cut). The leggings are kind of slouchy on a Monster High ghoul because Gracey is taller and slightly bigger around as well, but I thought they looked really cute under a skirt.

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FS: 1st Day of School Ari

I bought two Aris and I have one extra for sale. She's currently sold out on Amazon.
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S: SDCC 2011 Dead Fast Ghoulia

She is out of box, but is in perfect condition, like a new. She comes with every item she has, except not with the brush since I've misplaced it somewhere... :s

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I ask $300 + postage, I live in Finland. :)

Selling: SDCC Exclusive Kieran Valentine

Anyone interested in buying a loose Valentine from the SDCC exclusive two pack? I only wanted Whisp so I don't have much of a reason to hold on to the vamp. I'm hoping for $32(shipping included), and can include his stand and diary at request. SOLD
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Anyone interested in a vinly figure of deuce? I am selling him brand new in the box. If you interested make me a offer.


Hoodude please
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